A Sea Kayaker’s View on the Joy of the Outdoors


As part of our #ExploreMore collective campaign, we sent early versions of the Explore to people across Europe, who share one common passion – a love for the outdoors.

We wanted to understand what motivates these people to be outdoors, how their passion for the outdoors makes them feel and how we can all be inspired to get outside.

There’s so much to explore: Just open your eyes

In this first episode, we meet Gregor Zadravec, a sea kayaker from Slovenia, to hear about his love for water and the outdoors.

‘You never know what’s around the corner’, explains Gregor as he talks about his motivation for spending time outdoors.

As a sea kayak guide for almost ten years, Gregor talks passionately about how he feels when he is out on the water. Being on the water gives him time to reflect on the day’s events, think about the future. He sees it almost as form of meditation.

Watch the video below to see Gregor’s full story:

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Exploration can be as simple as going for a walk by the river

But you don’t have to be a professional sea kayaker or sportsman to feel the same inner calm or experience the same thrill of being outdoors.

Gregor’s most important message is that exploration can be as simple as going for a walk by the river, in the park, in the woods or on the mountains. Just seeing the same environment from different angles can be inspiring.

Add the Explore phone to your outdoor kit

For weekend adventurers and active outdoorsmen, making sure you have the right kit and reliable equipment is an essential part of preparation.

For Gregor, a waterproof and drop proof smartphone is vital on the water. He describes his Land Rover Explore phone as a ‘GPS unit, camera, a smartphone and a power bank all in one device.’

The key benefits to him are:

  • Long battery life
  • a very good GPS signal
  • durability

Watch Gregor describe his Land Rover Explore phone in his own words:


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