LR #ExploreMore Adventure Competition 2018

Share your best #ExploreMore stories for 2018 for a chance to win a Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone.

Launching the award-wining Land Rover Explore phone has been a fantastic journey. We couldn’t have made it happen without all the people that share our love and passion for the outdoors. To mark the end of a fantastic year, we want to hear and showcase your best #ExploreMore adventure stories from 2018.

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Need some inspiration? Take a look at one of our examples, courtesy of @thecommonwanderer / Instagram

Example #ExploreMore Adventure Story:

“Our greatest adventure of 2018

Our trip to Austria’s Vorarlberg region this summer also happened to coincide with a few days of unseasonably terrible weather that threatened to ruin our plans to hike up Steirlochkopf, a mountain overlooking the town of Lech, to spend the night in a wooden Bivouac on its peak (see image attached).
Sleeping in one of these wooden mountain huts had long been a travel ‘bucket list’ item for us, so after (fruitlessly) waiting most of the day for a break in the torrential rain and fog, we decided to throw caution to the wind (literally) and attempt the 2-hour hike to the top anyway. That hike was one of the most intense we’d ever encountered; a steep uphill climb, driving rain that came in sideways, the wind so loud we could barely hear each other, and a fog that obscured the mountains around us (and the town below).

Eventually, soaked to the bones and laughing over the absurdity of it all, we made it to the top just as the fog cleared for sunset and revealed an outrageous panorama over the surrounding mountains and valleys below us. Tucked up in our cabin, we spent the night with our noses pressed against the narrow glass windows, watching the ever-changing horizon, chatting, and sharing a small bottle of Tannenlikor, a locally produced alcohol made from silver fur (because warmth, right?!) before rolling into our sleeping bags for a well-deserved sleep. That Bivouac will forever be one of our greatest travel adventures, and totally worth the arduous trip to the top. “

Image courtesy by @thecommonwanderer / Instagram