From exploring remote rivers and unclimbed mountains to running across deserts: last year there were few places on planet earth where the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone was not tested.

Here are some of the highlights of those journeys across rivers, deserts and mountains – and some of the unique features of the Explore phone that adventurers love.


Descending the Essequibo river, Guyana

Descending the Essequibo river | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Jon Williams

Hazards: Humidity, rain, river water

Rugged Rating: 10

Verdict: By the end, the conditions had destroyed one laptop, two iPhones and a cine-camera. But the Land Rover Explore was still working fine. “It’s a tough phone. You just had no worries about it,” Jon said.

Favourite feature: ViewRanger’s offline satellite maps. “It was amazingly useful.”

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Crossing Baikal, the world’s largest frozen lake

Crossing Lake Baikal | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Dr Ash Routen

Hazards: Extreme cold

Rugged Rating: 10

Verdict: “It’s rugged and if you treat the battery sensibly it can be relied on in the deep cold. I left the phone overnight in the porch of our tent, so it was on bare ice/snow in -20 for a good seven hours. With a little bit of time in my pocket and warming the battery up, it turned on just fine and worked perfectly.”

Favourite feature: “For me it’s the quality of the camera sensor and lens, and the fact that I had no problems shooting still and video in the cold. It’s a workhorse.”

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Kayak guiding in Slovenia

Kayaking in Slovenia | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Gregor Zadravec

Hazards: Water, knocks and drops

Rugged Rating: 7

Verdict: “It’s like a Land Rover vehicle – you can depend on it to take you anywhere and not let you down.”

Favourite feature: “For me it’s very important that the phone is waterproof because I’m constantly on the water and it’s only a matter of time before the phone ends up in the water!”

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Circumnavigating the Gambia

The Gambia from Loveadventures.co.uk

Adventurer: David Love

Hazards: Heat, dust, river crossings

Rugged Rating: 8

Verdict: “It’s one of those devices that makes it easier for you to go on an adventure, it’s so rugged.”

Favourite feature: I found the GPS antenna located us and tracked us really quickly. We used it to pinpoint the exact location of the highest point in the Gambia – all 54 metres. Unfortunately, it was located at the centre of some thick scrubland, so took some negotiation on foot to get to.”

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Living dangerously among peaks, rivers and the Mediterranean sea

Greece Explore Story | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Miranda Ioannou

Hazards: Over 12 months of exposure to heat, cold, wet and high altitudes.

Rugged Rating: 8

Verdict: “Almost a year of using the Land Rover Explore Outdoor phone has gone by and you won’t believe where I’ve taken it and what I’ve put it through! Every single week at least one to two adventures high up in the mountains or in the water. It is with me on every hike providing the assurance I won’t be left without a battery however long that day may last! It’s my reliable sidekick.”

Favourite feature: “The battery and GPS signal. On the snow-covered peaks of Mt. Olympus, Ziria, Kissavos, Taygetus, Parnassus and in the Bavarian Alps they were not only reliable but also outperformed any other phone.”

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Climbing and skiing unexplored mountains in Greenland

Greenland_climb┬®andrewdenton | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Andrew Denton

Hazards: Cold, snow and lack of power.

Rugged Rating: 9

Verdict: “I think it has real potential in the outdoors. It’s got three or four features that are genuinely better than a Galaxy or iPhone.”
Favourite feature: “I was able to use it with any gloves on.”

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Ski guiding in the Alps

Swiss Alps | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Serge Ricciardelli,

Hazards: Cold, moisture, lack of power

Rugged Rating: 7

Verdict: “It’s durable so I’m not worrying about dropping or breaking it. Being waterproof is very useful if I drop it in the snow or it gets wet.”
Favourite feature: “The cold doesn’t affect the battery and that’s why I can rely on it.”

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Running epic distances in the Alps, Mallorca and beyond

Jamie running in Mallorca | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Jamie Ramsay

Hazards: Heat, knocks and lack of power

Rugged Rating: 7

Verdict: “If you’re out on the trails like I am, the Explore is going to take you there and keep up with you.”

Favourite feature: “It’s waterproof: Sweat when running is a big phone killer. Mine survived the 260km Transalpine race.”

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Breaking the pan-American cycling record

Biking through the Americas | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Jonas Deichmann

Hazards: Heat, cold, knocks, rain

Rugged Rating: 9

Verdict: “I love its durability,” he says. “During my expedition the phone has to handle a lot. Reliability is key. It got wet, was exposed to sand, dirt, heat and was dropped. It’s still working great.”

Favourite feature: “Viewranger. I use it to calculate how long it will take me to get to the next village or where the next low sleeping spot is during cold nights in the mountains.”

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Running 137km across Oman

Going off grid in Oman story | Land Rover Explore

Adventurer: Tarquin Cooper

Hazards: Heat, knocks, lack of power

Rugged Rating: 8

Verdict: “It lives up to the promise as a phone built for the outdoors. The phone coped with temperatures that ranged from mid 20s to freezing, desert dust, and humidity from my body heat, and kept going for the 40 hour duration of my race. Not a lot of phones could have done that.”

Favourite feature: “I love the battery (which I’ve also tested in the cold) and also find the dual SIM really useful when travelling.”

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